Infra red Communication protocol for indoor flying toy

Here is another post about decoding ir signals from remote control the genius devil(spencer)reverse engineered and derived all the codes for the Propel ExicueHeli with the help of oscilloscope.he explained various methods about coding like Manchester coding, Pulse distance coding, Pulse length coding.

Brute force electronic safe to recover lost password

wow what a cool project this is!!This genius devil(Teatree) found an interesting way to do brute force attack on the electronic lock.He lost one of his passwords and rather than calling customer care for help he build his own brute forcing mechanism with the help of Arduino and relay boards. He used the relays to […]

Use single RFID tag as many using AVR

Here is a excellent post form (Hudson) he has tried to generate multiple RFID tags data in dame pin with one self made RFID tag. He has generated energy from transmitter’s magnetic field with the help of a coil internal diodes rectify the received signals and work on that power.