Tic Tac Toe with CMOS Camera . . .

>> These two genius minds Paul Cheng & Fei Sun made a very popular Tic Tac Toe using CMOS Camera. You can easily see image from cmos camera during game-play. >> Brief description of this project in their words “The idea is simple, have a camera driven Mega644 system that detects for changes on a Tic […]

Solar power LED lights

Here is a sleek and sexy design made from solar cells to do infinite blinking. This Genius Devil(Kevin) made a simple transistor based LED blinking circuit that uses solar cell as battery. He charges the 0.1F capacitors during day time that are capable to keep the circuit on for next 20 Dark hours. So his […]

Talking alarm clock . . .

>>These three genius guys Chen Kiang Tang, Wanjing Loh , & Wuhan Desmond Cai made talking alarm clock which can be programmed from the computer to speak custom messages and also detect whether the user is on his bed or leaving his room.  >>Brief details in their words “Sensors are pervasive in industrial, aerospace, and medical […]

Zigbee based online energy meter . . .

>>These two genius minds Ken Bongort  & Adam McCann gives a new application of zigbee. In this project they are using zigbee to send electricity usage data to online server. >>In their words “Our project aim was to create a breaker-level power metering device that would sit next to the home’s main distribution panel (or subpanel) and […]

LED follower car

Imagine a world where lane markers of LED lights will be used for guiding the automated car. A green LED array on a traffic signal says to go and red LED light says the car to stop. This was the dream of  these genius devils(James and Gloria) and after watching Tron legacy movie they also […]

Haptics glove

Here’s a cool final year projectfrom (Corey Siegel and Ti Zhao) about haptics glove. When activated, it provides real feedback about the tactile sensation of holding a virtual object. Feedback includes temperature, weight, the size (diameter) of the object, and visual feedback will be provided using a Matlab interface.They also tried to implement the Gravity, […]

Electric Dhol

This happens when two Indian genius devils(Ajay and Eashwar) meet up in a college to do a classic final year project.They decided to make the electric version of dhol, an acoustic Indian instrument called dhol just like the electric guitar. That is suitable for direct output to speakers and storing functionality in also. They made […]