Bluetooth controlled Robot

Here is a bluetooth controlled robot. This Genius Devil (Mike) made a Moving robot that can be controlled by an android phone with the help of an application which is also made by himself. And communication between the phone and robot is done with bluetooth. Above is the image of his robot. He has used […]

Home made Coilgun

This is really a nice article about home made coil gun.Written by Genius Devil (Penguin) He is fond of high voltages and high currents so can be called man with POWER. (He has already designed a Marx generator that can produce voltage up to 150kV just from simple components) He has made this design with […]

Intelligent Chatbot Using Java

>> These five genius girls Anyesha ghosh, Namrata Gupta, Reema Kumari, Swarnima, Kumari Rashmi Bala made Intelligent Chatbot Using Java. >> A project summary in their words “A chatbot basically is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users. It scans for the key-words within the query text and pulls […]

GSM and GPS based Friend Location finder

>> These three guys from IIT Kanpur Varsha Lalwani, Mitali Agarwal, Silky Gupta made GSM and GPS based Friend Location finder project as their final year electronics project. >> Project summary in their words “Our world is becoming automated. Autonomous navigation is a necessity for any device that needs to operate without human interaction. GPS (Global Positioning […]

FIFA Controller using Microsoft Kinect

>> These four genius minds Manish Sharma, Anirudh Kumar, Preetish Jaiswal, Pratik Likhar from IIT Kanpur made FIFA Controller using Microsoft Kinect as their electronics project.  >> A project summary in their own words “The aim of the project was to create a controller for playing FIFA with our body actions using Microsoft Kinect. Controlling computers by […]

Self Balancing Robot

>> These seven genius students Vipul Gupta, Sonu Agarwal, Shubham Singh, Ritesh Kumar, Shubham Singh, Suyash Somvanshi, Vaibhav Gupta from IIT Kanpur. >> Project description in their own words “The purpose of our project is to demonstrate the techniques involved in balancing an unstable robotic platform on two wheels. The objective is to design a complete […]

USB Keyboard For Android

>> These four genius students Aashish Gupta, Aditya Aggarwal, Chetan Chauhan, Lohit Jain from IIT Kanpur made A USB Keyboard For Android as their electronics project. >> A project summary in their words “Android smart phones have become very essential components in our day to day life. But we often find that writing long messages and texts […]