Audio Spectrum Analyzer using ATMega1284 microcontroller

Audio Spectrum Analyzer using ATMega1284 microcontroller
>> These two genius students Alexander Wang & Bill Jo made Audio Spectrum Analyzer using ATMega1284 microcontroller as their final year electronics project.
>> A brief summary in their own words “Our final project was an audio spectrum analyzer that would display a histogram-style visualization of an audio signal. We were able to successfully display the frequency spectrum content of an audio signal in real-time using a black and white histogram visualization with bins arranged from left to right corresponding to low to high frequency ranges using a system based upon two Atmel Mega1284 microcontrollers.
>>The two microcontrollers handled separate tasks, with one performing the audio data acquisition and processing (hereafter referred to as the FFT MCU) and the other performing the visualization processing and video data transfer (hereafter referred to as the Video MCU). Users are able to select various display options using a set of push buttons including the overall frequency range displayed and the amplitude scale, among others.”
>> If you wish to get more details on this project then go here.

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