Battle Tanks using ATMega 644 microcontroller

Battle Tanks using ATMega 644 microcontroller
>> These three genius students Zhouheng Zhuang, Miao Wang & Bojiong Ni of cornell university made Battle Tanks using ATMega 644 microcontroller as their final year project.
>> A brief description in their own words “Our project is a simple game where two players control tanks in a stage with the ultimate goal of destroying each other. User input is achieved through the use of keypads, which are used to both control the tanks and fire missiles at one another.
The reason that this project was chosen was because it effectively combined most of the things we learned in this class. In addition, we all enjoy video games, and were curious if it was possible to construct an entire video game system using a microcontrollers, instead of simply the software side.
We picked this game because we wanted the demo to have more user interactions. This game allows two players to fight against each other rather than only one player playing. The game is inspired by the Nintendo “Battle City” game. We programmed this game for educational purpose only, so it is considered a fair use.”
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