Bluetooth Operated ROBOT (2)

Bluetooth Operated ROBOT  (2)

Marcelo Ávila de Oliveira is an electronics engineer who develops software for mobile phones in Brazil. Recently Marcelo decided to use an Arduino board and App Inventor to automate an Android vinyl action figure…..


This “DroidBot” Android Robot is driven by Arduino components and controlled over BlueTooth by a mobile phone app developed with App Inventor. Click the Play button to view a charming video of the DroidBot responding to commands from the phone, set to the music “I Can Read Your Mind.”

What he used to make his android application is App inventor by MIT.

you can see his video in action


And thus he was able too make his android shaped robot to move with his android phone via Bluetooth link…that is same as our previous project which also uses bluetooth link to control his robot…
more on this can be found from this link…

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