Brain controlled Computer

Brain controlled Computer
>> These two genius people Charles Moyes & Mengxiang Jiang made Brain controlled Computer as their electronics project at cornell university.
>> A brief details about their project in their own words “Our goal was to build a brain-computer interface using an AVR microcontroller. We decided that the least invasive way of measuring brain waves would be using electroencephalography (EEG) to record microvolt-range potential differences across locations on the user’s scalp. In order to accomplish this, we constructed a two-stage amplification and filtering circuit. Moreover, we used the built-in ADC functionality of the microcontroller to digitize the signal. Passive silver-plated electrodes soaked in a saline solution are placed on the user’s head and connected to the amplifier board. The opto-isolated UART sends the ADC digital values over USB to a PC connected to the microcontroller. The PC runs software written in MATLAB and C to perform FFT and run machine learning algorithms (SVM) on the resultant signal. From there, we were able to control our own OpenGL implementation of the classic PC game Pong using our mind’s brain waves. We also wrote software to record our sleep and store the EEG signal inside a data file.”
>> If you want more details then go here.

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