Change playing speed of Song according to Body motion

Change playing speed of Song according to Body motion
>> This two genius students Erica Barnett & Mary Beth Galanko have made Change playing speed of Song according to Body motion project in their final year electronics project.
>> Here I am with a small description of their project in their own words “we use an infrared LED and phototransistor armband to detect muscle inflections in arm and wrist movement which are used to manipulate the volume and speed of pre recorded songs. By pumping your fist, you will change the speed at which the song is playing.  Isolated wrist movements correspond to volume changes. By moving your hand towards your body in an upward motion, you increase the volume. By moving your hand towards the ground in a downwards motion, you decrease the volume. Other similar motions that provide similar phototransistor outputs can be used to control volume as well. We use a signal peak and fall detection system to control sound. A push button is used to rotate between three Michael Jackson classic songs. We use the UART to display initial directions and other messages to the user to aid in the users activity. We both enjoy various types of music and thought manipulating sound based on muscle movements would be interesting and could lead to other practical applications.”
>> If you wish to get details in depth for this project then you should go here.

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