Create Panoramic View using camera and opencv

Panoramic View
>> These four genius people Swapnil Shwetank Jha, Shivendu Bhushan, Chetan Garg, Umang Shukla from IIT Kanpur made Create Panoramic View using camera and opencv project.
>> Small project description in their own words. 
What is panoramic image and how to create it?
>> “A panorama is a wide-angle view or representation of a physical space. The project aims at simulating an ‘panoramic’ environment which makes the user to visualize things as if he’s actually present at the place by tacking his eye movements. This was achieved using the gaze tracking of the user and synchronising the movement of mouse cursor accordingly. A pupil tracking algorithm that is near perfect was implemented so that whatever section the user wishes to view on the panoramic image comes in the frame of the screen.

>> In this project they created panoramic images using camera and a computer software made using opencv. To get more details on this project please go here.

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