GSM and GPS based Friend Location finder

GSM and GPS based Friend finder
>> These three guys from IIT Kanpur Varsha Lalwani, Mitali Agarwal, Silky Gupta made GSM and GPS based Friend Location finder project as their final year electronics project.
>> Project summary in their words “Our world is becoming automated. Autonomous navigation is a necessity for any device that needs to operate without human interaction. GPS (Global Positioning System) is a fantastic way to drive a vehicle, but alone is not accurate enough to be useful. An application of Differential GPS will be needed to create a working feasible design. Differential GPS is a system where a GPS receiver uses data from a fixed base station to provide much more accurate positioning information. The goal of this project is to build a system that uses Differential GPS as part of an autonomous navigation system. The vehicle the system is running on will be capable of identifying its current location and, based on that information, will be able to move along a specified track,given only the initial and final coordinates.”
>>The project is a Friend Finder which gives you the message about your friend’s distance from the landmark you queried about through a message. It uses GPS(Global Positioning System) and GSM(Global System for Mobile communication) for the same. The Global Positioning System has been used to determine the precise location of the person to which it is attached. The location data can then be stored within the tracking unit or it may be transmitted using a cellular (GPRS or SMS) modem embedded in the unit when asked to.
>> To get more details about this project please visit here.

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