Haptic Data Visualizer

Haptic Data Visualizer
>> Three genius students Matthew Fisher, Daniel Moskowitz & Divyaraj Singh of cornell university made Haptic Data Visualizer as their final year electronics project.
>> A small project details in their own words “The goal of our project was to create both the hardware and software platform that can be used as a adaptable haptic data visualization device. Imagine you have a complex data set from which you create a surface plot in MATLAB. Sure, it’s nice to see the data on the computer screen, but what if you could feel it? Bring it to life? With our current haptic visualizer, users can feel any arbitrary surface plot generated in MATLAB as well as animate and manipulate a 3D sandbox used to draw and feel objects. At the current stage of our project, both programs are fully functional with plans of eventually supporting the import of SolidWorks files. Once the user initializes a sandbox or loads a data set, a human-sized suspended triangular truss system tracks the real-time movement of a stylus and animates a pointer on screen. As the user penetrates an object or surface, vibration motors embedded on the pen give the user a sense of depth and material stiffness.”
>> If you are interested in more details of this project then go here.

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