Home made Coilgun

Home made Coilgun

This is really a nice article about home made coil gun.Written by Genius Devil (Penguin) He is fond of high voltages and high currents so can be called man with POWER. (He has already designed a Marx generator that can produce voltage up to 150kV just from simple components) He has made this design with the help of capacitor and inductor. He used the phenomena that “current produces magnetic field” and gave it a cool shape to finally produce a coil gun.

Above is the photograph of his home made coil gun. Sudden discharge of a Huge capacitor across an inductor  produces large current and that much current through an inductor(coil) can attract metal bullets at very fast rate. He measured the speed of his bullet was about 100km/h. Pretty fast even though speed of bullets of actual ballistic rifle is more than 1000km/h but this is also  cool if you can do it by yourself.
If you want to read more about his Coil gun visit his link.

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