Lighting up the LED using touchscreen

Lighting up the LED using touchscreen
>> These two genius peoples Hanting Lu & Kai Wang made Digital Reversi Board project in which we can Lighting up the LED using touchscreen as their final year project.
>> Small description in their own words “we designed and implemented a Reversi board consisting of hardware, a microcontroller, and a touch screen. Sixty-four bicolor (red and green) LEDs were implemented as the black and white pieces of the game. Players could simply light up a LED (place a piece) by touching the touch screen in the position right above the corresponding LED. Other LEDs would be flipped automatically according to the rules of Reversi, which is programmed into the microcontroller.
>>We designed this board for several reasons. We made this board an integration of board and pieces for the convenience to carry. And people will not be worrying of losing pieces when carrying the board around. Players do not necessarily have to find a flat platform to place the board because the pieces are free of tilting or sliding; players can easily move the board to anywhere else when needed, and resume the game right away. Additionally, players do not have to flip the pieces by themselves; instead, the micro-controller is in charge of that. Last but not least, people can play the game even in a completely dark area; there is no external light needed to play the game.”
>> To get more details about this project please go here.

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