Magnetic Field Guided Robot

Magnetic Field Guided Robot

We have seen many of the line followers till now but they suffer with most of the lighting issues; if you are not given proper surrounding your line follower can’t detect the deference between line and background.

But this in ingenious solution developed by Genius Devil ( Philippe) he made a “current wire guided robot”.
He made generated AC current with the help of  555 timer for the current loop that is shown in above figure.

The main logic behind this guidance system is AC current through the guiding wire is generating magnetic field, we know the frequency of guiding magnetic field so receiver is tuned at generator frequency to detect the magnetic field.   So when any of the sensor coil gets nearer to guide wire we get appropriate output from sensor which can be given to our microcontroller based line follower system.

This sensor is able to sense from the distance of 1cm, that sounds promising and you can easily increase the distance if you increase the current through wire.

If you want to see more technical details about (Phillipe)’s project you can visit this link.
and you can see a video in action through this link.

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