Optical Morse code transceiver

Optical Morse code transceiver
>> These two genius fellows Trudy Chu & and Josh Sun made Optical Morse code transceiver as their final year project.
>> A brief project introduction in their own words “Our goal in this project was to build a pair of high-speed transceivers that could encode and decode optical signals modulated using Morse code conventions. 
>>The project involved a few interesting challenges that we believed would be interesting to tackle. Interfacing a camera with a microcontroller is a difficult thing to do, due to the limited memory capabilities of most microcontrollers. Because of the limitations imposed, in order to properly use a camera with a microcontroller, resources must be intelligently applied and the circuit must be designed around the camera rather than the microcontroller. The project took shape around the idea of a optical endec transceiver because it demonstrates how you could design an algorithm to process the image data from a camera without a prohibitive amount of memory being used.”
>> You can get further details about project here.

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