Phased Array Speaker System

Phased Array Speaker System
>> These two genius guys Edward Szoka & Tom Jackson made Phased Array Speaker System as their final year project.
>> A small project details in their own words “For our final project, we designed and built an array of 12 independently-controllable speakers to implement an acoustic phased-array system. The system samples a standard audio input signal at approximately 44.1 kHz, and then outputs this signal to each of 12 speakers, each with a variable delay. The idea behind a phased-array is that by changing how the speakers are driven the angle of the maximum intensity of the output wave can be shifted. This will be further explored in the high level design of the project. This type of array was built to be able to support various other more advanced design challenges, including longer-range acoustic modem transmission and sonar imaging.”
>> To get more details on this project please go here.

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