ProxiMIDI -A MIDI code generator using ATMega1284

ProxiMIDI -A MIDI code generator using ATMega1284
>> This three genius peoples Shane Jarvie, Amrit Singh & Kedari Reddy has created a project on ProxiMIDI -A MIDI code generator using ATMega1284 microcontroller as their final year electronics project.
>> Hear I am with a brief description of their project in their own words “ProxiMIDI is a MIDI code generator, that takes its inputs from a user using Atmel’s Capacitive touch and Proximity technology. It can generate sound signals for 4 notes of 3 instruments and vary the tempo, volume and sound depending upon the proximity inputs. The signals generated from ProxiMIDI can be connected to any MIDI player (example – a MIDI keyboard or a Computer) to generate sound. The objective of this project is to gain experience and skill in designing Capacitive touch and Proximity sensors based on Atmel’s QTouch technology along with using that in an application to demonstrate its usability, in doing so, we have focused on a whole array of sensors possible by using Qtouch technology. Apart from the more prominently used Buttons, Sliders and Wheels, we have implemented them in a proximity sensing role – allowing the user to control without touching. Our project also focuses on various MIDI codes and how they can be successfully generated using an 8 Bit microcontroller.”
>> If you want to get more details on this project then please go here.

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