Remotely controllable Stand for a camera

Remotely controllable Stand for a camera
>> This two genius guys Erik Ahlgren & John Vollrath of cornell university made Remotely controllable Stand for a camera as their final year electronics project.
>> A small project description in their own words ” Robo-SLR provides a remotely controllable stand for a Canon EOS 550D DSLR camera, allowing for adjustable tilt and pan functionality along with the ability to remotely view through the camera’s viewfinder and take photos.
>> An ATmega1284 microcontroller is used to control camera functions as well as tilt and pan over a wireless bluetooth connection to a PC. This allows a photographer to easily photograph himself or herself by setting up the camera once, and then make adjustments in tilt and pan as necessary based on feedback from the camera. Using a PC to make these adjustments is much more convenient, and much more accurate because the photographer can immediately see what the photo is going to look like. “
>> If you want to get more details about this project then go here.

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