Robot Arm for mars rover

Robot Arm for mars rover
Robot Arm
>>Here you can see a Robot Arm, which can be placed on mars rover. This project is made by two Genius engineers Caroline Chang and Scott Warren at cornell university. 
>>Robot Arm that is able to use three different end attachments to perform a variety of specified actions, include pushing buttons, scooping up dirt or other items, picking things up with a hook, flicking switches, and taking voltage readings for solar panels. This robot arm uses the Arduino Mega2560 to take in commands from a user to determine which position to move to and what actions the arm needs to perform. It uses four different servo motors to control the four degrees of freedom over the wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints. Also, it controls three end attachments that are attached at the end of the arm: the hook, the scoop, and the control panel interface (CPI). Our controls are also able to open and close the scoop’s lid servo and turn on and off the brush of the CPI, which has two probes attached that takes the voltage readings.
>>The details in depth about Maths, logics, software, hardware, C code, bill of material etc. can be found here.
Robot Arm for mars rover

Mars Rover

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