Rotating LED display Clock

Rotating LED display Clock
>> These two genius students Christopher Zheng & Sean Hubber have made a Rotating LED display Clock as their final year project at cornell project.
>> A small description in their own words “The goal of our project was to create a persistence-of-vision (POV) analog clock using an LED display. The clock has a visual alarm system which lights up the entire display for two seconds if it reaches an alarm time. The current time and alarm times are preset into the clock before it begins to spin. Once the times are set, the clock spins up to a very stable speed, where small interferences will not disrupt the rotation of the clock. Once at max speed, the clock pulses LEDs to create a persistent display of the current time.”
>> Get more details of this project at here.
>>This is quite same as Persistent of Vision Display we have seen earlier on Genius Devils.

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