Ultrasound Gesture Detection using Speaker and Microphone

Ultrasound Gesture Detection using Speaker and Microphone
>> These two genius minds Ackerley Tng & Lydia Wang have made Ultrasound Gesture Detection using Speaker and Microphone as their final year project.
>> A small description of this project in their own words “In this project, ultrasound around 24kHz was used to detect movement near an object. Waving a hand or other solid object near the source of the ultrasound (speaker) causes a shift in the frequency of the sound, which is then detected by a microphone. We detected characteristic shifts in frequency to determine whether motion was towards (push) or away from (pull) the microphone. Two modes of visual indication were used to display the results of the motion detection: blinking LEDs and a computer display. With the blinking LEDs, a different color LED would light up according to the direction of motion detected. In the computer animation, the waveform would be displayed on screen along with markings of which parts are pulls and pushes. Sections of the waveform that represent different motions would be marked as push or pull.”
>> Get more details about this project from here.

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