USB Slingshot for Angry Bird Game

USB Slingshot for Angry Bird Game
>> These four genius students Rohit Agrawal, Chandramauli Singh, Ravi Jaiswal, Divya Prakash of IIT Kanpur made USB Slingshot for Angry Bird Game as their electronics project.
>> A brief description of  project in their own words “USB Slingshot is a real slingshot equipped with some circuits and wires used to play the worldwide famous game Angry Birds. It provides you a real time simulation of the game. The catapult can be stretched manually to control the same in the game. It also provides you the pleasure to explore the special powers of some birds by just clicking a button. In short it is an awesome thing to play an awesome game.”
>> They made this design using NXP LPC1768 microcontroller and 3 axis accelerometer. To get more details please go here.

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