Virtual Archery game using ATmega1284P Microcontroller

Virtual Archery game using ATmega1284P Microcontroller
>> These two genius guys Mohamed Abdellatif & Michael Ross made a Virtual Archery game using ATmega1284P Microcontroller in their final year electronics project at cornell university.
>> A short description of project in their words “We decided to create a virtual archery game for our final project. This game consists of an ATmega1284P microcontroller, a TV for display, and multiple pieces of hardware. All of these devices communicate together to simulate a three-round game of archery with a target that is 20 feet away from the user.
>>The ATmega1284P microcontroller uses its internal analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to determine when the stretch sensor has been drawn and released, communicates with an external ADC over SPI to obtain the orientation of the bow from an accelerometer, and displays the expected location of an arrow fired by the user. Another arrow is readied by the push of a button on the bow. When the bow is fully drawn, LEDs will light up simulating the arrow. The lights are turned off when the arrow is released.
>>This game was inspired by the archery in The Legend of Zelda video games. We wanted to create an archery game that could re-create the fun that we had playing The Legend of Zelda, but that was also safe and convenient.”
>> If you want more details about this project then please go here.

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