Virtual Saxophone using Atmel 644 microcontroller-2

Virtual Saxophone using Atmel 644 microcontroller-2
>> These two genius people Chris Piccoli & Suryansh Agarwal from cornell university have made Virtual Saxophone using Atmel 644 microcontroller as their final year electronics project.
>> A brief project description in their own words “Our final project was to create a virtual saxophone that uses Direct Digitial Synthesis (DDS) to synthesize the output notes. Pushbuttons are connected to a PVC pipe to mimic the saxophone’s mechanical structure, and a microphone that detects noise is used to determine whether or not the user is blowing into the device.
We decided to do this project because we enjoyed the ECE 4760 Lab on DDS and wanted to explore it further. In addition, we were intrigued by some of the previous ECE 4760 projects that created virtual instruments, and decided to create a saxophone because we have previous experience playing this instrument. This project was very enjoyable because it combined the knowledge gained in previous labs with our musical interests.”
>> If you want to get further details about this project then please go here.

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