Voice controlled home automation by atmega 328

Voice controlled home automation by atmega 328
Here is the voice controlled home automation system designed by two genius devils (Jiayuang and Sheng). They have decided to go off bit in home automation and to design their own voice controlled smart home. But the voice intensity in all home is not same so he used a mic to record data and then send to the master which actually controls the home. The tricky part here is that they are using EasyVR shield to do voice recognition.
They are using Xbee to communicate between master device(which controls home) and slave device(which does the speech recognition ).

Voice controlled home automation by atmega 328

have a look at the video in actoin.


We found another interesting and relatively simple method of speech processing, read this full article about voice controlled LED blinking. We found this method very promising.

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  1. Suraj Bhan Singh says:

    Sir I need the full project report of voice-controlled-home-automation-by-atmega-328 including program and circuit diagram…thanks

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