Voice controlled Smart Home System

Voice controlled Smart Home System
>> These two genius students Jiayuan Wang & Sheng Zhang of cornell university made Voice controlled Smart Home System as their final year electronics project.
>> The project summary in their words “We design a smart home control system which allow people control their home devices by voice command at home. This is a wireless, voice control system. People could control almost all the facilities at home including lights, fans or even back ground music. Right now, the basic function of lights control, fan control and music control have all been implemented. Except for basic turning on and off of fasilities at home, we also realize the function of fixed-time control, and error detection when some device is broken. The system is quick enough for respond all the commands.”
>> You can find more details about this project here.


We found another interesting and relatively simple method of speech processing, read this full article about voice controlled LED blinking. We found this method very promising.

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