Wall Follower Robot

Wall Follower Robot

In many of the robotics competition you need something like wall follower or wall detector or NO wall detector.This is one of the project made by Genius Devil (Philippe) he wanted a wall follower with the help of GP2D12 distance sensor which is also made by him. When you are set with a distance sensor you are nearly ready to make your own wall follower.

He programmed his wall follower with NQC but it is easy to make a C program for wall follower with his logic. You just have to make sure that the robot stays at constant distance to the wall not too far not too close.

By the way in past we have also talked about LED follower robot, Sound Follower Robot and magnetic field guided Robot
If you want to read further about his sensors and algorithm visit this link.

After making your wall follower you are ready for the Grid solver.

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