Home made Green Lantern’s Ring

Isn’t it super cool to wear a Green lantern ring that glows green? Here is a trick to make your own ring. This genius devil (Honus) has made this ring to make a good show off. When the Green Lantern movie came out earlier this year Toys R Us started selling a decent looking replica […]

Home Made Ironman’s Arc Reactor

How cool would you feel when you are making your own Arc reactor from the movie Ironman.  Here is a simply Devilish project by (Honus). The reactor is attached to an old heart rate monitor strap and it’s powered by a 3 volt battery pack that just slips in my jeans pocket. It’s light weight and […]

Persistent of Vision POV Display

>> This two genius students of cornell university Jun Ma and David Bjanes have made Persistent of Vision POV Display or rotating led display or spinning led display as their final year electronics project. >> A small project summary in their own words “The purpose of this project is to design and to create a persistence of vision […]

Fingerprint recognition system on Touchpad

>> Two genius guys from cornell university Stephen Wu and Justin Churchill have made Fingerprint recognition system on Touchpad in their final year electronics project. >> A brief project details in their own words “Our project implements a touchpad input system which takes user input and converts it to a printed character. Currently, the device only recognizes […]

Isolated Grid ZCD Sensing applicable to any Microcontroller

Hello friends there are many ways of sensing grid ZCD here is one which can be used with mostly all microcontrollers. This is optically isolated method for ZCD Sensing. (Here is a non isolated method of ZCD sensing) You can reduce power draw from the isolated circuit by decreasing the optocoupler’s LED current with a corresponding […]

Simple Maze Solving Algorithm:The Right Hand Rule

Hello friends many of my friends and readers are were asking for maze solving algorithm with less overhead or which can be designed with very less calculation power. Those who don’t know about maze solving, it includes a wall follower robot which has to find its path from start to end automatically through a maze. Easiest way to […]

PI Expert software for designing a Better Power Supply

Hello friends today we are up with a very cool software to design Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS). This software is designed by (Power Intigration). This tool gives you a full featured Graphical User Interface. PI Expert: an automated, graphical user interface (GUI) driven program that takes power supply specifications and automatically generates a power […]