Robotic See Saw control

This Genius Devil (Phil) came up with a great a Robotic See Saw controlling challenge. You have to stop the wheel falling from either side of see saw while going to extreme edge, you only have a light sensor detector at center  of see saw try your head if come up with a solution post the comment […]

Washing machine monitor

A really cool post written by Genius Devil (Viktor) about making his own washing machine..He has gone for a non destruction method to detect whether  the washing machine is working or not obviously he was not in mood to loose his warranty. So he used a PIC microcontroller and an accelerometer to detect vibrations.He has not declared his algorithm, […]

NTSC and PAL video generation using FPGA

Here is a cool video generation project made by (BenL) It is a cool project to generate NTSC and PAL Video signals using FPGA and only seven resistors. He uses simple R-2R ladder 7 bit DAC for the video generation (above figure) and made a pretty small circuit for interfacing.(below figure). you can see a video of their […]

Sound Generation (SID) using FPGA

This is a cool article written by Genius Devil (Alex). He made a Sound Interface Device (SID) on his Papilio One FPGA Board…. He has made a beautiful description about his project… For this he has done some tricky multitasking  with FPGA he did it by receiving sound data serially from computer and generating SID […]