Making your own GPS Receiver using FPGA GPS receivers may be available for well under $100 these days, but what’s the fun in buying one when you can build it yourself? According to [Andrew], the creator of this device, he was inspired by Matjaž Vidmar who developed a GPS receiver from scratch over 20 years ago. His article can be found here and includes […]

Laser Security System

This is a cool Security System designed with Laser and LDR which is made by Genius Devil(Dilshan Jayakody).He wanted to use Laser instead of traditional security systems like wire, proximity and touch sensors.There are many These are the features of this project in his own words High audio output power (Max. 3W PMPO) Master light […]

Get Project Boxes and Enclosures for Free of cost

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LED game programming with C

Here is a cool Project  developed by Genius Devil (Dilshan Jayakody). He made This game with Atmega 32 MCU Game’s description in his own words There are two fighting groups are exists in this game world. RED group is an enemy group and GREENs are friendly parties. Player’s job is to shoot the RED group(s) […]

Graphics LCD display With FPGA

This Genius Devil (Alex) received a junked old Hitachi screen from his buddy and decided to see if he could get it up and running. The screen is one of those older monochrome, low-resolution (256 x 128) green LCDs and is missing a controller chip. On the back of the display there are eight Hitachi […]

Win $10000 from Texas Instruments

The Texas Instruments European Analog Design Contest (ADC) is an initiative to encourage system-level design within Universities. It is an opportunity for University students to show creativity and engineering skills whilst working on a design project using TI’s broad range of high-performance analog Integrated Circuits (IC’s). This contest allows students to gain experience and recognition […]

Barcod Reader Using Papilio FPGA

Papilio one is an open source FPGA Project which is growing very fast these days. Here is another Add-on PCB (Wing) to interface barcode reader with FPGA.Here is a cool demo of this Barcode Genie Wing they have used a AVR8 soft processor  which is made inside the FPGA and programmed this AVR8 with a specially modified version of the […]