Get Free IC Samples from ST Microcontrollers

>> ST microcontrollers is giving free sample microcontrollers and other ICs to students and hobbyists. To order your sample IC please visit their sample request page here. >> Steps to get free samples from ST Microcontrollers. Log in Add needed components Proceed to checkout Give your project description Shipment details >> You can also search here […]

Cell Tracking without GPS only GSM signals

Here is a cool project from Genius Devil( Boris Landoni) with that you can track any GSM Phone without the GPS.Basic idea behind this project is that there is a cell  which has unique id and unique location so why to use GPS to receive Location data You can simply receive location data of some near […]

LED Suit/Glowing man

Here is an extremely cool video posted By Genius Devil (Jacob) He made a really cool white LED suite. He did some experiments at night time to perform some cool video recording.By profession he is a film maker so a nice creativity by him…. Jacob Sutton’s L.E.D. Surfer on

Impressive RGB Laser Projector

Here is a superb presentation of what lasers can do and how you can make you own laser show at home.This Genius Devil(Vermes) has generated his own laser show projector with the help of the lasers collected by breaking many things.He has made same thing which used to be on older televisions the X-sweep and Y-sweep so […]

LED Blinking With Papilio one FPGA

Here is a nice article about LED blinking with Spartan 3E FPGA by a Genius Devil (Whiley) He has got a new Papilio Board and he was ready to make some decent experiment tutorials with Papilio One; He started with LED blinking and ready to move on with other projects also.. Here is his video […]

Driving 10000 LED with FPGA

This is posted under FPGA Projects and original article by John English. After a successful run of the SoundPuddle at Apogaea Festival John English of Boulder Engineering Studio has shifted his focus toward building a new circuit board to run the installation. John is using a Papilio One board to control the installation and connect all the parts of […]

LED and Keypad Interfacing With FPGA

This Genius Mind (Duane Benson) from all programmable planet has started a project from scratch with Papilio one development board (which contains Spartan 3E FPGA ) He has used LED and Key WING(Add-on PCB) to start his work and designed his Verilog files from scratch. His work includes reading key and detecting key debounce and generating output on […]