Virtual Reality using Microsoft Kinect for Skyrim Game

>> This genius guy Chris Zaharia has made Virtual Reality using Microsoft Kinect for Skyrim Game. In this project he developed system to play PC games in virtual real environment. >> A brief description about this project in his words “I’m going to show you how you can start playing PC games, in this case Skyrim, through […]

Multi Channel Level Converter with Dual Regulators

>> Many a time in digital electronics we have to communicate between two different voltage level devices. For example if we want to communicate between 5V compatible devices and 3.3V compatible devices then we can’t simply connect data lines both of them. >> We have to convert voltage level from both of sides. It is required to convert […]

Free LED samples

LED is one of the most important part of any project.Your project just lightens up with some proper arrangements of LED.You can make many Projects of LED .Getting Free samples of LED can be even more fun!!!!!>> Get Free LEDs For your project from Bivar.>>They are the manufacturers of LED Mounts, LEDs, Light Pipes and LED Assemblies.>>To get free […]

Solar Powered RC Electric Lawn Mower

Here is a great project about Solar Powered Lawn Mower by Genius Devil(Robert Smith).He used two electric wheel-chair motors, a couple of swivel wheels, a Sabertooth 2×25 dual-motor driver, a 5-channel transmitter/receiver, charge controller, two 12v 20 watt solar panels, a power inverter, and quite a few other goodies. Here is a complete video tutorial […]

Mechanical 7 segment display

This is a really nice project about Mechanical Seven segment Display by Genius Devil(Simon). This is same as our normal LED seven segment display but the segments are made of acrylic instead of light. And servos drive the segment in and out of the block.. here is a video in action…. Here is the link […]