Dorbell Security System with Image Capturing

>> Some genius peoples made Dorbell Security System with Image Capturing to obtain more security then normal doorbell. >> When somebody pushes doorbell then use will get push notification n his mobile and he will also get mail with attached image. GPRS service is required in mobile to view the mail. All the data transfer will […]

Get Free Battery Holder Samples

>> Get Free Sample Battery Holder from They are giving their many products samples for free. To get your free samples please visit this link. You will find free sample request link at the bottom. >> You can also search here for more free samples from various manufacturers. Related Posts: Free Samples

Apple Piano

>> This is a very simple and trendy project. A genuis guy Jason made a piano using apples. He used homely available components to make this piano. With a simple base made with two pieces of wood, some dollar store forks, a few nuts, bolts, and bits of wire, they had the Makey Makey Apple Piano. […]

512 KB SRAM expansion for ATMEGA1280

>> Our GeniusDevil Andy Brown is with another hardware hack. He made 512 KB SRAM expansion for ATMEGA1280 microcontroller. >> He connected external 512 KB RAM with AVR microcontroller through 8 bit data bus  He provided full working design of his projects. He also includes schematics of this project >> To get mote information on how to perform 512 KB […]

Glowing Super Mario Night Kite using Balloons

>> When innovative people wants to tell their innovation to the world they make some huge creation. >> Such innovative people made supermario night kite. They made glowing balloons with throwies inside. Then they arranged in super mario shape and release into air. The size of this creation is 250 squarefeet. >> Enjoy video of Glowing Super Mario […]

Push button with OLED display on top

>> Here I am presenting a innovative switches from NKK Switches. They made push button switches with OLED display on top. >> NKK Switches, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electromechanical switches,  announced it has doubled the display life of its OLED SmartSwitch pushbutton switches. In addition, NKK has reduced the devices’ already low […]

Get all Electronics Components Samples at One Place

>> Tired from searching different electronics components sample online at many websites? Try this new portal to get free electronics components samples.  >>Beganto offers the Need-A-Sample service to get you free electronic parts samples and some samples are paid. Components from over one thousand electronic suppliers all in one place-whether you need integrated circuit samples, […]