Error Correcting Pen

Here is the most latest version of a Pen that gives you a vibration indication whenever you are doing something wrong.The vibrating pen has two modes of correction. Calligraphy Mode detects errors in handwriting form and legibility, while Orthography Mode criticizes spelling and grammar by detecting words, symbols and gestures.It gets worse. The inventors envisage their pen […]

Automatic Drifting Robot With Picaxe microcntroller

Here is a cool Drifting Robot made from Genius Devil (Fritsl).Once he thought to make his old car into a cool drifting robot that can avoid collision so he has used an ultrasonic distance measurement sensor at the top of his Drifting Robot. He has used a Picaxe microcontroller to read the sensor and control the drifting of car […]

Music generation using Relay Switching Sound

>> Hello readers, have you ever thought about music generation using relay switching sound ? Watch above video about it. They made 8 relay board connected with arduino microcontroller. By giving pulses to relay tic-toc music is produces. Watch above video and try to make yourself. Related posts: Music Sound Generation

Build 3D models from Eagle files in Google Sketchup

>> This post is fully dedicated to all PCB designers. You are wondering if you may view PCB with components placed on it in 3D view, at the time of designing stage. Now a days many software started to supporting this feature but it is not that much perfect. >> Now it is possible using […]

Oscilloscope with Picaxe Microcontroller

This Genius Devil came up with a PC based oscilloscope project, although this is not the newest of this kind but a good project to start with oscilloscope study and even to make your own oscilloscope . This is a full-featured dual-channel oscilloscope based on the Picaxe 28X1 (or optionally the 28X2). Here is the link to his website which […]

Free Samples of General Purpose Connectors

>> Get Free Samples of General Purpose Connectors from They are giving their many products samples for free. To get your free samples please visit this link. You will find free sample request link at the bottom. >> You can also search here for more free samples from various manufacturers. Related Posts: Free Samples


This Genius Devil (warlockr) has been working with a wireless robot that can capture images and transfer it but he needed to drive an emergency bulb and camera mounted on the robot. He did not have any option to create a 12VDC to 120VAC , 60Hz inverter. He has not given much of description of […]