555 Timer Frequency Calculator

Hello Friends here is a simple online tool to calculate the frequency and duty cycle of a 555 timer working in Astable Multivibrator mode. [embedit snippet=”555-timer-frequency-calculator”] This post is published under online calculator tools series. You can further read our FPGA projects.  

MSP 430 UART register count calculator

Hey guys here is a simple online UART count calculator for MSP430 microcontroller. MSP430 is one of the trendy product in hobbyists these days. This is in series of our online calculator tools. [embedit snippet=”msp-430-uart-register-count-calculator”] Don’t forget to visit our Picaxe projects series.

Voltage Divider Calculator

Many of us are too lazy to calculate voltage divider by ourselves and searching for an online tool to calculate voltage divider. Hi friends this is a simple voltage divider calculator made. It is a simple online calculator tool, easy in use.. Just enter any three value and the remaining will be calculated automatically. [embedit […]

Resistor Calculation for LED

>> Many of us are facing problem to find out correct value of series resistor for LED. So, I decided to put an online calculator for LED resistor calculator. >> Here you have to enter values of supply voltage, voltage drop from LED and current through LED. Then press on calculate button. You will get values of […]

Autonomous Roving Robot

A good autonomous robot made by Genius Devil (jinx). He has came up with an autonomous robot that looks like a Duck and mainly because of tilt and pan into his robot. That tilt gives this robot a “nature touch”.He has used ultrasonic sound sensor for distance measurement and a Picaxe microcontroller is used as the brain of this.Full […]