AVR Timer Calculator

Hello Friends this is a simple online calculator for AVR timers counts. Here you can calculate the count required to make certain time. Prescale setting is also selectable.   [embedit snippet=”avr-timer-calculator”] Hope you have like our previous  online calculators. You can visit our Atmega microcontroller projects also. Don’t forget to visit our free samples sites. Incoming search […]

Home made Magnetic Levitation

Hello guys here is another home made magnetic levitation trick by Genius Devil (Oliver).He just made this awesome project within half hour. he has found out that there is a neodyme magnet used in hard disk that possesses  Diamagnetic phenomena.As this is just a half hour mini project by (Oliver) he has not given much detail of this […]

3D Musical Animation from Intel

>> Years ago Animusic created 3D animated video called “Pipe Dream”. Intel decided to creat same real demo in 90 days. >> They used 36 ball hoppers, 2300 balls and with the help of that they created 120 unique notes. See this amazing video of 3D musical animation and feel the power of intel. Intel […]

Wireless Power Transfer Project

Wireless Power Transfer was invented by Nikola Tesla. He demonstrated this from his laboratory in Colorado Springs and achieved a transmission distance of over 25 miles. The theory behind this is simple. You take two identical secondary coils, use 1 as the transmitter and one as the receiver. These form a “tuned system”, whereby signals […]