AC RMS voltage measurement with AVR microcontroller

Hello friend many times the readers are asking for an AC RMS voltage measurement system with AVR microcontroller or any other microcontroller.This task can be divided into two sub tasks. 1)Attenuating Line voltage to the level that can be applied to microcontroller pin. Here is the circuit used to measure AC line voltage (230V,50 Hz) […]

Boost DC-DC converter with Picaxe microcontroller

Here is a Boost circuit made with Picaxe microcontroller that converts 24V from 12V. This is a project based on PWM 100khz signal I got from port2 of a picaxe 8M2 this signal accumulates through a 10kohm resistance the gate of a mosfet irf640, the boost circuit elevates the voltage from 12 to 24VDC Here is a […]