Magnetic Levitation with Arduino

Hello friends this is another magnetic levitation project done with arduino. The suspended ball is a permanent magnet. Distance of the ball from the electromagnet is measured by a hall effect sensor placed under the coil. The digital control loop is a PID algorithm that modulates a PWM output to energize the electromagnet through a […]

Voice Operated Picaxe Control over Internet

>> Here this project is a demo to operate any electronic device by voice. Using picaxe microcontroller they are controlling verious devices. >> For voice recognition process they are using inbuilt voice recognition feature of google chrome web browser. PC is connected with Picaxe controller board via UART. After finishing voice recognition process PC will […]

Facebook notifier with Arduino

Hello guys, here is a really cool project called “Facebook Notifier” made by (tuixte). This Facebook Notifier is made by arduino and servo(Hardware) ; Python and Arduino (software). Python detects the status of facebook and sends the data serially to arduino where arduino is in receiving mode and as soon as it receives a notification […]

Xilinx ISE Webpack Tutorial

Hello friends this is a great tutorial about making your very first project in Xilinx for Spartan 3 Fpga in VHDL by the genius devil. Here you will find every detail from downloading Xilinx webpack to making your first VHDL project. The best part about this tutorial is that all the photographs are given and […]