Isolated Grid ZCD Sensing applicable to any Microcontroller

Hello friends there are many ways of sensing grid ZCD here is one which can be used with mostly all microcontrollers. This is optically isolated method for ZCD Sensing. (Here is a non isolated method of ZCD sensing) You can reduce power draw from the isolated circuit by decreasing the optocoupler’s LED current with a corresponding […]

Simple Maze Solving Algorithm:The Right Hand Rule

Hello friends many of my friends and readers are were asking for maze solving algorithm with less overhead or which can be designed with very less calculation power. Those who don’t know about maze solving, it includes a wall follower robot which has to find its path from start to end automatically through a maze. Easiest way to […]

PI Expert software for designing a Better Power Supply

Hello friends today we are up with a very cool software to design Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS). This software is designed by (Power Intigration). This tool gives you a full featured Graphical User Interface. PI Expert: an automated, graphical user interface (GUI) driven program that takes power supply specifications and automatically generates a power […]