Any screen can be converted to touchscreen

Any screen can be converted to touchscreen

Hello Friends this post is simply awesome in its own way. It is a home made virtual touch screen.
You can convert any of your computer screen into touch screen with the help of this cool project.
This is made by a Genius Devil(SantoshR).

He has come up with a unique idea of tracking user’s finger with the help of ultrasonic distance sensors (SRF005). What he has done is he precisely mounted two sensors in X and Y coordinates to monitor the movement of user’s finger across the screen. And after receiving the co-ordinates from distance sensor he converts it into digital form with Picaxe microcontroller and send to PC. Where an application made in VB  processes on the data to simulate mouse movement and you can also generate click also.

Well this is the link to his website where he has explained programming with a great detail.

Here is his video in action

This programming is so cool that if it is taken further with multiple sensors to monitor movement in three dimensions it can be converted to….

Any screen can be converted to touchscreen

Hoping the best to come….

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