Automatic turn off Signal Indicator of Vehicle

Automatic turn off Signal Indicator of Vehicle
>> Many times while driving vehicle people forgot to turn off indicator of vehicle. So other vehicles can interpret it in a wrong manner and there is high probability of excident. 
>> As the solution of this problem some genius people made Motorcycle turn signal cancellation unit which generates beep-beep sound from buzzer to give notification of running indicator to the driver. This is a somewhat old aspect for vehicle indicator. To get more details about this project you can visit this link. They developed this project to use with a motorcycle using PICAXE microcontroller. You can check below video for working model demo.
>>But as per my view you can add more innovation to this project using a simple sensor interfacing. You can add magnetic compass with this. which can check your vehicle is turned according to indicator or not. If vehicle is already turned and indicator is still running it can stop the signal indicator of your vehicle.


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  1. Vaibhav Thete says:

    I want automatic bike turn indicator on off project circuit diagram & other information about project. So please email it to me.

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