Home Automation using Android and Arduino

Home Automation using Android and Arduino

Hello friends we knew that it is the time for an Android based home automation system earlier when we told you about microcontroller based home automation system. Actually; here it is.

This is a project made by Genius Devil (nishant). He has made an android application that can control all the home equipment with the help of his android phone.He has also inserted the auto timing function to his gadgets.

We suggest him a speech processing in his application too like we saw in our earlier post about blinking led with speech processing the application could be improved.

Here is the link to nishant’s website where you can see some more photos or even download the android application.

Here is his video in action where he demonstrates the working


  1. Nishant says:

    I have ever since added a lot into my app and its now become more mature all the features like dimming, etc surprises are there! I haven’t released it yet just because I’m still adding things to it and making the original hardware very very small and more capable.

    • Good to hear from you Nishant, we are expecting even better result from you, do ping us when you have done updating your application we would be more than happy to publish that as Featured Post.

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