Laser Security System

Laser Security System

This is a cool Security System designed with Laser and LDR which is made by Genius Devil(Dilshan Jayakody).
He wanted to use Laser instead of traditional security systems like wire, proximity and touch sensors.There are many

These are the features of this project in his own words

  • High audio output power (Max. 3W PMPO)
  • Master light override switch
  • Inbuilt alarm test functionality
  • Memorized power state
  • Quick response time (aprox. 10ms ~ 30ms)
  • Support for wide input voltage range (15V – 25V DC)
  • Easy to build and calibrate
  • Compact size (aprox. 130 × 200 × 60mm)

 Here is the link to his post you can visit  this if you want to  see his full source code.

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