LED Blinking With Android

LED Blinking With Android

Hello guys this a cool App Inventor plus Android combination to blink LED with the help of your Android Smart phone.

Generally our smart phones are very powerful in processing power but we ignore them in our project works but here is an example of what can happen if we connect our Android device with physical world.

This Genius Devil( Kerimil) was able to write a code in App inventor  that accepts user commands (either touch or speech ) and sends it to serially over blue tooth. On the other side he has used a serial Bluetooth module that receives data and convert it into serial form. After that an arduino receives it and does the blinking action.

So all the heavy processing such as reading touch screen or speech processing is done by android phone once the decision is taken the data is sent to slave device which accepts command and do necessary things.

This is really a good project and many projects can be done easily with this method. Like voice controlled home automation could have been completed in weeks instead of months.

Previously also we have seen such Bluetooth Operated Robot that use the same methodology.

have a look at the video in action

Here is the link where you can see the App inventor and arduino codes.

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