Lost Luggage Tracker with Android Smart Phone

Lost Luggage Tracker with Android Smart Phone

Before  some days I lost my bag in a  public transport service. That i was so much annoyed with that and i was finding a solution to track my lost luggage with GPS tags that can find my lost luggage, Firstly i came across many vendors who were giving this system at a very high rate say 100$ – 200$ but being a
Genius Devil you don’t solve problems this way. By digging google more deeper we came up with this unique solution for lost luggage tracking.

I found a project from (Ian) who has made an android based mobile phone tracking system that allows many clients and one server that keeps live record of every client.
Once a client is activated it sends its location data to server at every 10 second (that is enough is real life case..)

So to keep record of your luggage during travel all you have to do is keep an android phone in your bag with an internet connection. so it will transmit data to yo in case it is lost.

Benefits over Ready made Trackers:

1)No monthly plans
You need to activate your tracking your internet connection only during traveling. 
2)A lot cheaper
You don’t need to buy any thing in case you have an old android phone lying around you. 
Here is a video explaining how this thing works

If you are fascinated after reading this  have a look at the creator’s website where he has given download link for clients and server.


  1. bella mason says:

    i love the idea. instead of car, you implemented this on a luggage. that is cool too. but what about if the user is traveling using an airplanes ?

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