Persistent of Vision POV Display

Persistent of Vision POV Display
>> This two genius students of cornell university Jun Ma and David Bjanes have made Persistent of Vision POV Display or rotating led display or spinning led display as their final year electronics project.
Persistent of Vision POV Display
>> A small project summary in their own words “The purpose of this project is to design and to create a persistence of vision (POV) display. This display will allow users to upload an image to be displayed through wireless communication. A persistence of vision (POV) refers to the phenomenon of the human eye in which an afterimage exists for a brief time (10 ms). A POV display exploits this phenomena by spinning a one dimensional row of LED’s through a two dimensional space at such a high frequency that a two dimensional display is visible. In our case, we created a cylindrical display by spinning a column of LED’s around a central motor shaft (Figure 1). The rotational speed of the LED’s is fast enough such that the human eye perceives a two dimensional image.”
>> Demo video of their project :

>> To know more about this wonderful project please visit here.
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