Virtual Reality using Microsoft Kinect for Skyrim Game

Virtual Reality using Microsoft Kinect for Skyrim Game
>> This genius guy Chris Zaharia has made Virtual Reality using Microsoft Kinect for Skyrim Game.
In this project he developed system to play PC games in virtual real environment.
>> A brief description about this project in his words “I’m going to show you how you can start playing PC games, in this case Skyrim, through immersive Virtual Reality in your room using some of the devices out on the market.
Gameplay Demo
>>With this setup you will be able to move through the game and look around naturally, similar to like in the real world. You’ll be using the head mounted display to make you feel like you’re inside the game, the head tracking will let you look around the world, the motion tracking allows you to move naturally in real life to correspond to actions in the game, and some basic speech recognition to do more abstract tasks such as navigating through a menu or initiating a chat with NPCs.”
>> To get more details about this project please visit here.

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