Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging by nokia for lumia

Nokia has come up with a “wireless charging” method. They call it a wireless charging but it is just the other way of removing your power pin socket from your phone and getting high attention in media.

Not going into the marketing strategies of Nokia wireless charging for Lumia 920 we better look at the technology and method of wireless charging for Nokia Lumia and try to solve a question,

 How Wireless charging of Nokia works?

Technically it is called inductive charging method, it uses Electromagnetic Field to transfer energy between two objects which we discussed earlier.In the earlier post where we discussed about illuminating a small bulb with wireless power transfer. The basic principle used in wireless charging is the same in both the cases only difference is that you charge a battery instead of illuminating a bulb.
Wireless Charging technology of nokia lumia
Here L1 is the charging pad of Nokia and L2 is Nokia mobile phone.
If proper inductive coupling is done we get enough energy on other side, higher the distance of both coils lesser the coupled energy. So if you take your Nokia phone little far away from pad it will stop charging.

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