Dotmatrix LED Display fonts creator

Hello friends , we need the help in creating dot matrix display characters in daily life if we are a geek! This tool is specially designed for some dotmatrix LED display geeks. You just have to download this excel workbook,  you will get the screen like above image.(Enable macros in tools menu). Write 1 for LEDs […]

Transmitting AM radio using a microcontroller

Hello Friends this is a really cool project of Transmitting AM radio directly with your Atmega32u4 microcontroller. This Genius Devil (Angus McInnes) made this simple design. The obvious question coming in your mind bust be “How can a slow microcontroller (16MHz) Transmit AM audio?” the answer is “No processing is done on audio, the data […]

An LED Sequencer with arduino

Here is a simple LED sequencer made with a microcontroller.No more technical details are shared, but just blinking LEDs in proper sequence with music beat can make a good project.Have a look at video

Elevator Programming done by Arduino

Hello friends here is an “elevator” project by Genius Devil (Don B). A motor moves the car up and down based on button presses (up or down), and an ultrasonic sensor tells when the car has reached the destination “floor”.  A 7-segment LED displays the floor number, and a piezo buzzer goes off when the […]

Lava Lamp made with Arduino

Hello friends here is  Lava Lamp made with Arduino.  This lavalamp uses 20 RGB-LEDs each controlled by a single WS2812 RGB-Controller. It uses only 5 or 6 watt and providing 8 different modes that are controlled by a Arduino pro mini 328 5V/16MHz board. The potentiometer with knobs are used to switch between the modes […]

Making Your Own Cyclops Goggles

Hello Friends welcome to another Super Hero DIY Project. This Genius Devil (Peter  Sorensen) made this project from old goggles and LED strip. It is really cool to make your own super hero stuff or to find some thing ordinary and convert them into something like super hero. Peter made this project with the help of […]

Touch screen Chess Game using ATMega 644

>> These two genius students Samiul Nur and Caspar Valk from cornell university have made Touch screen Chess Game using ATMega 644 as their final year electronics project. >> A project summary in their own words “One of our goals for this project is to build a reliable touchscreen device. Our initial plan was to use an […]