Making Digital Clock with Microcontroller Proteus ISIS simulation

Hello Friends, so you want to start with microcontroller programming and if you can’t find any starting point here is one.Try to make your own Digital clock which is made from an LCD and microcontroller as you are only doing time keeping no other work is done by your microcontroller  so you don’t need a […]

Making your own Thermal Imaging form Smart phone

Buying a thermal imaging from market may cost you about 1500$ so this genius devil (Andy Rawson) has come with a unique solution for that problem. He has made his own thermal imaging camera at about 195$. He calls it the IR-Blue. The IR-Blue lets you see the temperature of things around you. It uses a […]

Buzzer interfacing in Proteus ISIS Simulation software

This is about Interfacing a buzzer in Proteus ISIS software and making it beep with a microcontroller.If you don’t know anything about Proteus isis visit the tutorial page. And if you want to download latest version  proteus for free visit this link. One of the best things in Proteus ISIS simulator is that it you can use […]

How to do Single layer auto routing in Proteus ISIS?

PCB board showing copper pour and thermal pads  Hello friends, recently Labcenter electronics has launched Proteus 8, You can download it from here. Proteus can be a helpful in simulating circuits and making your own PCBs also. In most hobbyist or students project you just need “some pcb” you don’t need extremely well designed multi-layer […]

Proteus Tutorial ISIS V8.0

Hello friends , This is one is about Proteus ISIS Simulation software tutorial.Those who don’t know about Proeus tutorial, it is an easy simulating software which can be used to simulate microcontrollers (including programming), function generator, oscilloscope and many more interesting things. I hope you will enjoy all these proteus tutorial. Just for newbies in Proteus : Proteus […]

Repairing Old Nova Trimmer and making it mobile operated

Hello Friends this post is to describe about repairing your hair trimmer. Actually this genius devil (Sagar Dhandhukiya) bought a Nova Hair trimmer recently but very sadly the trimmer battery was not working properly (after one use the battery got discharged and did not start again). So he opened up his trimmer to do a repair work. But unfortunately […]